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2018: Thank you, next

I was not planning on writing a(nother) eulogy for 2018 – I thought my latest Instagram post was enough. But then again, I wanted to do this properly and use this as a proper send-off for 2018 and look forward to the new beginnings that 2019 will bring. 2018 was a mixed bag of experiences and emotions. There were a number of negatives but I’m choosing not to let them weigh me down into the new year.

For the losses and heartaches I’ve experienced, I’ve learnt to cherish every moment to the fullest and live with an open heart full of love, whatever life may throw at me.

For all the health setbacks and concerns I’ve encountered, I’ve learnt to take care of myself better and treat my body and mind as a temple to worship. Every. Single. Day.

For the moments I’ve felt overwhelmed and thought the world was caving in on me, I’ve learnt to face my fears and grow into a stronger more independent woman.

For those instances when I felt my independence was my downfall, I learnt to find my strength in my formidable family and friends and in my travels.

For the times I felt I was losing my identity, I learnt to discover myself through my new blog and break my own boundaries by venturing into YouTube.

For the times I felt my personal troubles were the world’s end, I learnt to look beyond the walls of my flat and see others’ suffering and do something to help, as small as my actions would be.

So as cliché and overused as it may sound, “thank you, next” dear 2018. You’ve been rough in a number of ways but there’s no better moment than now to dust myself off and start 2019 with renewed vision, grace, force and energy.

Thank you all for being here and I wish you all a fantastic start to 2019!

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe!

Outfit details:

Needle & Thread dress

Furla bag

Dior Mitzah

Prada shoes (custom made – see my post here:

Astrid & Miyu ear cuffs and

Dior Tribales

L’Allee by Pippa Toledo ring

Cluse watch

Accessorize kirby grips

Photography by Therese Debono

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