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7 things we need to let go of in 2020

A friend of mine recently posted an image that said something on the lines that the year 2020 is just 6 months away.

Ok, let that sink in. It took me one hot minute as well.

2020 guys?! how the f*** did we even get here? In my days, 2020 was a year one would see written in fiction - like the year 2000 you know ... a sort of milestone, something that felt and seemed to be in the far, distant future. How is it just a measly six months away?! I'm sure it will take me longer to hit my desired weight than to ring in the new year.

Anyway, as the title suggests, I wanted to write this post as a way of preparing ourselves for the new year by letting go of all them things which, let's face it, we won't - or shouldn't - need anymore in this milestone year. I know not everyone would necessarily agree with me but please don't take it personally if it's something you like or enjoy! What follows is just my personal opinion ...

So without any further ado ...

1. Wastefulness

Anything that is not used to its fullest potential or which is a single-use item - think of that boho top or that possibly cultural appropriating headdress you bought for that one time you attended that obscure festival. Or those single-use cotton disks which you use absent-mindedly every day to remove your glitter eye shadow ... You are not loving any of this and neither is the planet. Buy clothing and stuff in general which you know will last you for a long time and seek reusable items. It is the same for food - if you know it's something you won't manage to cook or consume till its use by date (I'm a bit guilty of that), don't buy it in the first place. Don't let it get to a point where the only option is to bin it ...

2. Lack of aesthetic individuality

Of course, I'm one of those who will seek to use the latest filter trend on my Instagram posts, edit my stories with the newest and coolest app in town ... we're all trying to beat the algorithm deep down. Let us, however, try to allow ourselves room to grow individually and with our own personal aesthetic. I am obviously one of those who dream of being one day picked by Maria Grazia Chiuri's team as worthy of being dressed in Dior from head to toe for an event ... but even if that dream ever came true, I would fight to remain true to myself and my aesthetic. There's only so many Dior logos - or any other logo for that matter - I'm happy to parade in ...

3. Over-sexualisation of Every. Single. Thing.

I know, sex sells but two decades into the new millennium can we stop having adverts for silly things seemingly provoking unbridled animal instincts on consumers? Or worse, can we stop having events or promotions with ‘hostesses’ in low-cut, thigh-high slit dresses under the pretence that they’ll add a sense of glamour to the event? It’s the same if it were bare-chested muscular guys, honestly. Don't get me wrong. I’m personally just totally done with objectification and over-sexualisation of people in general.

4. Online tea spilling

The past year or so has seen the phenomenon of YouTuber drama take hold of our attention. Much tea has been spilled, many receipts shared, several allegations thrown around and then debunked. Can we just go back to a time where personal disputes are kept just that: personal? And oh so much preferably, offline?! There are so many good films and documentaries on Netflix and its equivalents do we seriously need to fill our screen time with YouTube drama?

5. Public Shaming

Following on point no.4 having an online profile, unfortunately, gives people the possibility of expressing themselves publicly to anyone who will hear. Regrettably, many a time this leads to people thinking they have a sacrosanct right to shame and bring down people for something they'd have done or said. 9 out of 10 times the recipient of such shaming is neither someone the shamer knows nor their action something that actually had a bearing on them ... can we just let people be and not tear them up for how they look or what they do? Most of us common mortals are just trying to get by to the best of our abilities ...

6. Stop financing the fake, illicit and mediocre

While I fully appreciate that not everyone’s budget can stretch to buying an Hermes Birkin every other time they buy a bag, I fail to see how people have no qualms in supporting criminal rings who produce fakes goods or financing the shady companies which deliver (often sub-standard) dupes produced in questionable working conditions. It’s one thing buying everlasting faux flowers to put in your living room and it’s another buying an illegally produced faux Louis Vuitton which will come apart after a few wears or a dupe Charlotte Tilbury lippie which will probably contain substances otherwise found at the bottom of a lavatory ... There are so many fashion and cosmetic brands out there that are not unreasonably priced, still produce good quality iconic and covetable pieces but do so in ethical and sustainable ways. Just do your research and set aside the money you'd spend on 5 quick fixes for one good investment. You won't regret it, I promise.

7. Taking dressing up SO seriously

I don't know if this is something that came about with my growing older or the fact that I moved to a land where the concept of 'well put together' is perhaps a bit different from the one back home. I find we need to let go a bit of the seriousness with which we approach fashion and 'dress up' occasions ... 99% of the times, it's perfectly OK if your hair is left simple and not done up in a complicated hairstyle with your gala dress ... and no one is going to bat an eyelid if you're not sporting a complex nail art design for that event or for that supposedly intimate date night with the loved ones. I'm a firm believer in always making oneself look good - most of the time we feel better when we have made an effort to look good so it's a psychological thing too... but can we just relax and be OK with the fact our bag does not always have to match our shoes, please? Most of the time, just keeping things simple makes us look more elegant as it lets our inner beauty shine through.

I hope you enjoyed that little rambling rant on things I wish to see the back of by the start of next year. Did I miss anything or is there anything you're completely done with? I would love it if you'd let me know!

Photography by Davide Mandolini

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