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Belgunique at the BELvue Museum

One thing that always fascinates me here in Brussels is the celebration of Belgium and what it means to be Belgian. One way of experiencing this is by heading over to the BELvue Museum right next to the Royal Palace here in Brussels. Through an interactive, and highly entertaining and enlightening display, one can learn the history of Belgium, its development and cultural expansion through migration and the establishment of international organisations on the territory.

This weekend, through a collaboration with Belgunique - a showcase of Belgian talent - BELvue temporarily added the work of 18 Belgian designers to its permanent collection. The works produced by these 18 designers were inspired by pieces in the BELvue's permanent collection. My personal favourites must be TINIKA Tinneke De Blok's painting inspired by the iconic Delvaux handbag, HELLO AUGUST Charlene Moulin's interpretation of the classic deck of playing cards, and Tricot Belge Annemieke Gysemberg's tri-colour hand-knitted cardigan.

It's a real pity this expo was on only for this weekend as I would have loved to recommend a visit - but at least I can certainly suggest you pop by the BELvue if you're around. It is certainly worth the visit.

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