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Blogging at 40 …

I love my blog. I love the freedom it allows me to be my own boss in my creativity, in what I write, how I develop my aesthetic on the web and so on. But as I sail through 2019 and slowly head towards my *ehem* 40th birthday I very often find myself questioning whether at this age, considered old by fashion and blogging standards, I should be indulging myself in this online luxury or not.

Even though there have been claims that 40 is the new 30, sometimes I feel like it is one big load of BS. The recent ‘10 year challenge’ sweeping across social media got me thinking about all the changes I’ve been through in the last years, both emotionally and physically. 10 years ago I was the fittest I ever was, religiously attending box-fit classes and watching my macrobiotics and I felt good. Truth be told, at the time, my fitness/healthy eating was a somewhat emotional escape mechanism. More recently, when my personal life took a 180, my escape mechanism was investing my energy in my blogging and trying to reignite a love for exercise. But my body is not what it used to be and while it’s something that will come with perseverance, I can’t seem to withstand a long and tough work out like before.

But I digress. At 40, being on the curvier side of a petite 4’11’’ how can I compete for relevance in this overly saturated blogger/influencer world? There’s no mummy or big wedding or property hunting angle for me to throw in the mix to make my blog more exciting and relatable among my peers. Sometimes I take solace in accounts like Advanced Style, Linda Rodin’s Linda and Winks, and Sophie Fontanel’s Instagram… but most are years, decades older than me. Are the 40s the ‘dead zone’ of fashion and style blogging unless you have a designer clad toddler or two tugging at your designer skirt?

I truly hope not. My sounding somewhat resentful about my approaching age milestone is nothing but a societal construct. Where does it say in the rule book that at this age one should hibernate and no longer be relevant online or offline? More or less at the same time as my life changing experience last year, I discovered Grace and Frankie and again, even though the characters are 40 odd years my seniors, the message was loud and clear:

whatever your age, whatever the circumstances in your life, you can still be relevant and be your own boss lady.

Oh, and of course, Jane Fonda’s Grace is my idea of ‘Beige Lady’ so she’s someone I aspire to style wise …

What I’m wearing:

Zara faux fur coat: (similar)

Zara dress:

H&M beret:

Gucci Ace sneakers :

Dior leather medium saddle bag:

Dior Tribales Astre Lunaire:

Wanderlust and Co Crescent Scorpio Zodiac Gold Necklace:

Wanderlust and Co November Birthstone Gold Ring:

Maje necklace:

Photography by Scander

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