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Bossing it in beige

Lately I've started feeling like I'm always dressed in the same four or five items and sometimes I worry if my Instagram outfit stories are getting a little bit boring. The fact of the matter is that I finally seem to have found a style that I'm comfortable in - not simply from the actual garment comfort aspect; but more so how such garments, put together, manage to make me feel good about myself.

This may sound like I'm assigning more value to my clothes than their actual monetary one or that how I feel about myself depends solely on what I'm wearing. Well, this may not be so far from the truth. You know how sometimes you wear an outfit but just feel that there is something which is out of place, that you needed to make an extra effort to make that outfit work or that everyone is staring at you for the wrong reasons? Maybe it has not happened to you but it has actually happened to me - I remember walking around my neighbourhood last summer in a colourful ruffled patterned number, having already had a few internal debates if I ought to have worn that at all, and then seeing my neighbours quite obviously raising eyebrows and whispering comments about what I was wearing.

All of these inspirational quotes pages tell us not to care about what others think and that 'you do you' and all that ... but sometimes it's difficult to do so especially if you're not comfortable with yourself to begin with.

Ironically, a simple piece of clothing or an outfit - sometimes carefully put together and at others perhaps more haphazardly - can help us feel the boss of ourselves and our emotions.

What I'm wearing

& Other Stories Wool Blend Oversized Blazer:

Weekend MaxMara Cashmere and wool yarn jumper:

Zara cropped trousers:

Chanel ballerines

Dior Book Tote Toile de Jouy:

Dior Tribales Astre Lunaire:

Stella McCartney aviator glasses (similar):

Photography by Larisa

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