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Carpe Diem!

You know the expression … Carpe diem! Grab the moment!

I am one of those who normally fails to see the thrill of carpe dieming … spontaneity? What’s that? Everything needs to have been planned, thoroughly thought through, a plan B carefully hatched in case the original plan doesn’t work out, routes (and alternate ones) plotted a priori … you get the drift.

I actually feel a sense of security in the predictable – going to tried and tested places, wearing familiar styles and shapes, eating the same food I ate the day before (even if it’s freshly cooked – I can’t bear the idea of freezing and re-heating food … it’s just a quirk)

But oddly enough, this morning I woke up with a desire to go to Paris - that happens quite often to be fair but today it was a debilitating thought that I kept obsessing about during the day … and you know what? I carpe diemmed the sh*t out of this thought and booked myself a quick trip to my favourite city. To be fair, till I actually get there I’ll be overplanning the life out of the trip but I feel pretty smug about having opted for travel means never used before and accommodation I’ve never stayed in … am I finally becoming adventurous at this ripe old age? The thought fills me with equal measures of dread and excitement …

What I’m wearing:

Kachel Floral-Print Wrap Dress

Zara Oversized Leather Jacket

Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneakers

Gucci Vintage Web Original GG boston bag

Location: Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

Photography by UTOPIA PHOTO by Mariska Broersma

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