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Christmas gift ideas

This post has been coming for what feels like the longest time - but for good reason. Besides just being rushed off my feet 99% of the time during this time of the year, I wanted the accompanying photos to be originals ... because, basically all of the suggestions are something I already have and love so much that I think everyone should have too! To be fair, there were a couple of late additions which couldn't be left out but without further ado ... here goes my Christmas - or any other holiday - gift ideas post.

For the one who’s an avid home decorator

Personally, I think these three go so exquisitely together and complement each other so well! And honestly, I have more or less each and every one of these because I think every single home on the face of the earth should have one haha! Diptyque candles come in an endless variety of scents, designs, sizes and prices. Some personal favourites are the Eucalyptus (just what the doctor ordered for those sniffly wintery days), Insolite (a collaboration with Liberty London) and Patchouli (a proper classic). On the other end of the price spectrum, Fornasetti candle pots and incense burners are a true conversation piece, whichever one goes for. I own the Silenzio and Burlesque candle pots with lid which sit so perfectly together. My aim is to get the La Chiave Nero diffusing sphere next to complement them … however, in the meantime, Rory Dobner’s pieces are quenching my thirst for home-décor perfectly. Pop over to Fortnum & Mason’s if you’re in London or check out the full collection online.

For the one who’s always travelling

Aside from an open ticket or a flight or train ride to a favourite destination, I find that the best gifts for those who have the travel bug are gifts which either remind one of a favourite destination or help in their travel. A custom Mapiful map poster portraying one’s favourite city is personally a perfectly curated gift – it’s aesthetically pleasing, well thought and can fit in anyone’s domestic environment. Another good option, depending on budget and time available is to get the giftee a Louis Vuitton monogrammed passport holder. This is as lush as small leather goods come and a good ‘entry point’ item for anyone wanting to start collecting luxury designer brand pieces. Finally, something that won’t break anyone’s bank but is as thoughtful and beautiful as gifts come is a Moleskine Passion Journal Traveller’s Journal where one can jot down notes and plans to feed into their wanderlust and enjoy the offline time by indulging in some good old handwriting.

For the one who’s obsessed with fashion

We all know someone who’s obsessed with fashion and style (Me! Me! Me!) but given their particular – and possibly expensive taste (again, Me! Me! Me!), why not give them something that will enhance their understanding and knowledge of the industry? The New Fashion Rules by Victoria McGrath (Inthefrow) is one of the most engaging and well-researched books on the subject I’ve ever read. Victoria takes her academic knowledge (she does have a Phd in the subject after all) and conveys it in an enthralling journey along the fashion industry’s development in the digital age. This is a real must-read! Another good gifting option would be an annual subscription to fashion and style magazines such as the classics like Vogue and Marie Claire or the more contemporary and artistic publications such as Kinfolk. If all else fails, a fashion illustration print such as those by Belgian artist Tinneke de Block would certainly fit the bill!

For the one who’s always cold

How many times have I mentioned the ACNE Studios Canada scarf? Honestly this is the best investment I made three times over so far and will continue doing until I have all the colours available! Gifting this is like giving your loved one a big woolly hug. Another favourite gift suggestion is a gourmet tea blend such as the selections at Kusmi Tea. An infuser mug could also be a good complementary gift to keep your loved one warm even on the go. Tea, like candle scents, is a very particular and personal thing so do snoop around or ask to be sure you will give a flavour or scent which is enjoyed! Something by way of stocking fillers now – excuse the pun – are socks: the cashmere type. Check out the ones from Calzedonia - toasty toes all winter long!

For the one who’s only after unique pieces

I’ve a little bias in these suggestions (well, there was some bias in all but these take the biscuit): One is my cousin, one is a gift I gave last year and the other is possibly my favourite Maltese designer. Commission a portrait of your loved one by Alexia Baldacchino at Disinn – I was gifted this ‘tryptic’ inspired by photos I’ve posted online in the last year. How gorgeous and unique is that? (And how talented my cousin is right?!) Another quirky and interesting gift are personalised necklaces. Last year I ordered personalised necklaces with birthdates written in Roman numerals for me and my tightest girlfriends. Find them on Etsy here. Finally, a scarf, necktie, bag or art work by the super talented Saz Mifsud is also a fantastic gift. Their particular designs will be a definite conversation starter and stand the test of time.

I hope you enjoyed this little selection of gift suggestions - as such, they can work not just for Christmas so you might as well keep this handy, don't you think? *wink*

(N.B. as always, none of the links are affiliate, I don't earn anything by your clicking on them or listing the particular brands or linking to particular brands - I am just making your search easy and providing you with quick links to the items / brands mentioned)

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