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Colour Pattern Texture Shine

Four out of five days of the working week you will inevitably find me in a primarily black/grey/beige outfit ... the habit so to say carries on in the weekend where my uniform is usually an all-black or all-white ensemble with beige or khaki outerwear.

Alas, there are days when I throw caution to the wind and don an outfit with not even a shred of one of my 'comfort' colours. I guess it's my way of feeling a bit adventurous, a bit daring. I like to follow the 'colour pattern texture shine' mantra both with my more monochromatic looks as well as when I venture a bit on the wild side so to say. The suede of the bag and shoes provides a luxurious texture paired with the pop of brick red broderie anglais dress and patterned coat. The tiny studs adorning the Chloe-esque ankle boots added some shine to the texture.

Worn alone, none of these items would possibly qualify as very daring, save for the leopard print coat perhaps. But isn't animal print a neutral? It is in my books at least (my metaphorical ones and all those books about Parisienne styling). It's their being worn together that perhaps created a more bohemian, carefree ensemble.

Coat, dress, shoes: Zara // Bag: Coccinelle // Sunglasses: Rayban // Necklace: vintage

Photos: R. Attard

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