Come with me to Ghent

Just about an hour's metro and train ride from Brussels lies the city of Ghent. I would say it's one of the Flemish trio of popular Belgian cities together with Antwerp and Bruges, which one always finds as a suggested day trip from the Belgian capital. And with good reason too.

This was my third time visiting Ghent and as I always somehow manage to do during repeat visits wherever I go, I managed to find a couple of spots I had never visited before. As I was growing up, my dad's avid horticultural and artistic talents rubbed off on me to the point where I now plan my trips around botanical gardens and artistic exhibitions (you fathomed this already!) The University of Ghent botanical garden was a very pleasant surprise, especially when coming across prickly pear plants reminiscent of the Maltese rural landscape.

A short walk away one finds the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Arts adjacent to one another. I actually visited the Fine Arts - my trip to Ghent was specifically for this - as it is currently holding an exhibition titled The Ladies of the Baroque, focussing on female artists from this time. I would have so loved to share some images from this exhibition but as I was taking some photos I was told to stop by the museum staff and I choose to respect their requirements for the sake of art preservation! Nevertheless, I definitely encourage you to visit the exhibition if you're in the area and compare the different versions of the Judith and Holofernes story as depicted by the different artists.

For the rest of the day, I just strolled around the beautiful cobble-stoned streets of Ghent, mostly round the city centre ... and of course, you know me, did a spot of window shopping too (there are most high street names and a few more regional boutiques which one can find). You can have a little peek into the city through my vlog below - hope you enjoy it!

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