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My fashion pet peeves!

A few days ago, I asked my Instagram family whether you would be interested in a post about my fashion pet peeves ... and boy was the feedback a resounding yes. I never really thought my fashion dislikes would garner so much interest!

I really don't know why it has taken me so long to just sit down and list them ... there are a few, I must admit, and in no way shape or form do I mean anything that I'm going to write here to offend anyone. These are just my opinions, my likes and dislikes (more the latter in this case) and if you're happy sporting anything I don't like, who am I to judge? You do you and live your best life while I live mine and we all live happily ever after. (Ah, I know what took me so long: I was away, I've had a very busy week catching up, and I didn't really know what pictures I'm going to attach to this post so I'm just putting a picture of me up there looking a bit like I've a bad smell under my nose ... ) Now, without further ado ...


What do I mean by this? It's where one's anatomy is, ahem, quite obvious under the garment being worn. I can't take body-con anything especially if one can make out that hollow space where the belly button caves in ... or where you can tell the shape of one's undergarments. Something that riles me up as well is knee-high high-heeled boots worn with no or skin-coloured tights with short skirts. Ugh, especially if you're on the petite side like me, sticking to a monochromatic look matching the skirt, tights and boots can be so slimming and leg-lengthening – why choose to visually chop yourself up and show too much? There's also that age old mantra that if you're exposing the décolletage, you should wear a longer length skirt which some just seem to have never heard ... As you can guess I'm not a fan of 'naked dresses' celebutants tend to enjoy wearing on the red carpet. I'm more into the tuxedo suit on nothing kind of gal ... just a hint of skin is enough people, we don't need to see it all!


I can understand this if you're doing some editorial, thematic or sponsored photoshoot but in real life, you just don't need to walk around like a nougat vendor stand (Ok, I appreciate this expression works more in my native Maltese language ...) Every time I see someone wearing a cornucopia of accessories over and above blinged-up clothing, I would just feel like tearing off the excess necklaces, the bejewelled sunnies, the chandelier earrings and just sit them down and repeat Coco Chanel's quote “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” until their ears bleed. I can be a bit violent that way. Of course, I wouldn't say this to Iris Apfel ... but there is only ONE Iris Apfel in the world and she is possibly the only one who can nail the over-accessorized look.


At some point in time, someone decided that shoes and bags have to match. If you're attending a morning wedding, you need to have a hat that matches as well. Oh, and if you can match your nail polish and/or lipstick to that as well ... Ah yes, and if you saw an outfit on a mannequin in a boutique with these matching accoutrements you may want to buy the whole ensemble as is... Jeeze Louise. Where's your individuality? One's personality should shine through one's outfits and not every display outfit fits or suits everyone in the same manner ... I remember this as a constant battle when I used to work in retail many moons ago and your average 5’ UK size 14 Jane Doe would ask me for the exact outfit displayed on the 6'4'' size 6 model mannequin ...


This pet-peeve of mine actually goes two diametrically opposed ways. I do like my hard-earned luxury items and I do not mind the monogram on my LV Neverfull or Gucci Boston. But I really cannot stomach the whole head to toe monogram / brand emblazoning trend that has somewhat reemerged. It’s ostentatious and harkens back to the time when Burberry lost its prestige because of all the dupes, fakes and lookalike prints worn all over. And that leads me nicely to the other aspect of this pet-peeve: the idea that it’s OK to buy counterfeits or dupes or lookalikes. I’m looking at you fast fashion industry here as well. It’s one thing to be inspired by a designer’s style and it’s another to blatantly copy designs in flagrant infringements of any copyright or intellectual property laws. I appreciate that not everyone may be happy or comfortable to invest in luxury goods but think about it this way: if you want the look of luxe, rather than buying 20 designer-lookalike handbags for €50 each, which let’s face it, you’ll probably use a couple of times and then shove at the back of your closet, save those monies and get yourself one good classic designer bag that will last you for a lifetime.

As I said at the outset, these are very personal opinions and if you subscribe to them, that doesn’t mean our friendship comes to an end here. Just be a bit wary of asking me for fashion advice as it may get a bit rough ...

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