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My (little) designer bag collection

Over the last months, I have acquired a certain (strange?) enjoyment in watching YouTube videos of bloggers and influencers showcasing their designer bag collections, listing the pros and cons of each of their purchased or gifted everyday carrier. So while I’m not ready to jump on the YouTube bandwagon yet, I thought why not share my own collection even though it may not be as copious as others’?

At the outset I must say that my aim with my collection is to have a set of well chosen, classic designs which I can enjoy for the rest of my years while respecting a certain budget. Of course I covet owning a classic Chanel jumbo flap bag in caviar leather but (a) I probably have no patience to save up to its price tag and (b) at least at this point in my life, that price tag is way beyond my budget … Anyway, without further ado …

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Tote

I bought this in Bologna in 2015 and it was my first proper designer bag investment. As a first purchase I thought I couldn’t go wrong with this.

Pros: This bag has been almost inseparable from my side – it has served as my everyday work bag, my holiday carry-on, overnight bag … you name it. The amount of stuff I can put in it is unbelievable.

Cons: I don’t think I could fault it really except for perhaps the thin straps which dig into your shoulders when it’s full of heavier stuff like laptops, cameras etc. But I guess that comes with it being the largest size too and it was my choice to go for that after all.

Gucci Soho Disco Bag

This was my first designer purchase when I moved to Brussels in 2016 and it was during the phase when everyone and their nan were obsessing about Alessandro Michele’s Gucci revival.

Pros: Having gone for the beige and gold chain iteration, I find this bag equally adaptable for more casual and elegant outings. Being a mini-bag, the price tag is also a good entry-level investment piece.

Cons: The size can be an issue at times. I usually have to shift my main cards from my wallet to the card holder to be able to carry my funds, keys, some gum and my pillbox in it. The iPhone8plus just stays in my hands.

Gucci Boston Bag

Another 2016 purchase made during my ‘Alessandro Michele can do no wrong’ phase – at the time there was the option of getting the same model with star and bee embroidery embellishment but I chose the more ‘sober’ option.

Pros: The shape is an absolute classic and it really holds a lot of stuff and has served me well even as a travel carry-on.

Cons: I must say that this bag has perhaps aged the worse. I have some wear on the piped leather around the edges which I would have never expected in what could be considered a short lifetime. The long strap could be adjusted but I was informed in the shop that they wouldn’t add any extra holes as it would not be in line with the original design – which means that the strap remains too long for my petite frame as I’ve no intention of ‘ruining’ the original design.

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Shoulder Bag

I bought this in 2017 for special occasions primarily but have dared to use it every now and again just to feel a bit more special.

Pros: It’s an absolute beauty to behold and even though the emerald colour may be a bit daring I feel it is a pro in itself as it elevates any simple outfit.

Cons: Surprisingly enough, this bag did not come in a box which, while one could say that’s less clutter, I remember being taken quite aback by the fact that such a pricey bag just came in a dustbag! Also, the calfskin leather is incredibly delicate so I’m always a bit anxious about what I wear with it and where I place it.

YSL Loulou Shoulder Bag

This was my birthday present to self for 2017 and I don’t regret it a single bit!

Pros: The shape is a real classic – perhaps a replacement purchase to the Chanel jumbo flap bag? The padded style gives it a feeling of luxury and it holds so much stuff despite its smaller size. The adjustable strap also makes it easy to wear cross-body without hanging too low for me.

Cons: The pewter silver hardware perhaps? Nah, I’m quite fond of that too …

Prada Galleria City Bag

I think this bag sits up there in the higher echelons of classic must have bags with its timeless shape and practicality. I bought this in spring of 2018.

Pros: If you ever want to feel like getting things handled like Olivia Pope, this is The Bag. Joking aside, it is an incredibly chic accessory to elevate your workwear and practical enough to hold a Macbook and tonnes of other stuff for everyday.

Cons: It may get a bit heavy the more stuff you put as it is a bit on the heavier side even empty. The long strap was again not conceived for people on the shorter end of the height scale.

At the moment I’m saving up for my next ‘birthday gift to self’ investment bag and do have a few options in mind but would love to hear your suggestions what I should go for!

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