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Outfit diaries

As you will have noticed from my YouTube channel, I’ve started posting ‘What I Wore In A Week’ videos – well at least there’s two so far which I’m linking below.

Why am I doing this? To be quite honest, this is not as rhetorical a question as it may sound. Of course there are other vloggers and YouTubers who have been doing this for numerous years so I’m in no way coming up with something new. Far from it. That being said, when I ponder about the raison d’etre of these videos, I find myself turning towards two main reasons …

The question of demographics

I’m pretty sure that there are other petite YouTubers and style b/vloggers out there whom I’m sure I haven’t encountered as yet. And the reason is probably because there either aren’t so many in fact or that the ‘market’ is ‘saturated’ with influencers who could easily pass off as catwalk and editorial models themselves. It is obviously much easier for designers to dress influencers who fit sample sizes than those who need a hem taken up here, a sleeve shortened there … and sides taken out for ampler (thicker?) hips and thighs …

I said it in my first outfits video and I’ll say it again – I think us petites are a dying breed. But I shall not be defeated. There may not be straightforward solutions or sample sized outfits for a 4’11 UK size 10 hourglass shape but let’s make that my challenge with these videos. I may not be unique online and I’m sure there are others out there who also sigh every time they pick up a pair of trousers from Zara and find the leg-length matches their full body height.

The question of finances

For as long as I can remember I have been known as a shopping extraordinaire, someone who would find something to buy even on a deserted island. I am of course not proud of such titles. It gives a very bad impression of my financial management habits as I’m approaching my 40th year … And deep down I know that try as I might, I will very likely not succeed in giving up my shopping habits entirely. And don’t speak to me about having a capsule wardrobe – even though I gravitate towards the same items quite regularly (everyone has a favourite dress or shirt they like to wear as frequently as possible no?) I cannot fathom the idea of owning just a handful of items.

All that being said, making these videos is indirectly making me explore my creativity in the wardrobe. In order to show you something new – or different rather – every day, I find myself picking up items which I don’t tend to use so often, which are perhaps even a bit outside my comfort zone. I find myself ‘shopping in my own closet’ so to say. Of course, there are always things that I would covet from new collections and it’s only been a couple of weeks so far. But I’m hoping for this process to be somewhat cathartic.

In this day and age where we are more aware of the impact fast fashion has on the environment I feel somewhat irresponsible buying a dress for €30 - €60 only to wear it once and then shove it at the back of the wardrobe because its trend has passed in the blink of an eye. It’s also irresponsible from a personal financial perspective since what appeared as cheap on the spur of the moment, has in fact led to a wasted amount of money that most likely won’t even get back 20% of its value if sold as second hand … I’ve started trying to keep targets in mind – like the next investment designer piece – to keep me from falling into the temptation. Ultimately, I’d rather own a classic designer piece which will last me for years to come than something I’ll get bored of as soon as I walk out the shop.

I know this has been quite a lengthy hypothesis but I do hope you see where I’m going with this! What are your thoughts about representation and diversity on YouTube? Are there any other petite vloggers you recommend? And what about the financial and environmental impacts of fast fashion … I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

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