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Petite tricks

As the luck of the draw would have it, I have been blessed with what could perhaps be diplomatically referred to as a ‘petite stature’. Holding my back straight and stretching my neck as far as I can, raising my eyes into what comes across as a haughty gaze, I stand the grand total of 1.48m tall … that’s not even 5 feet if you don't do the metric system. While most other petite ladies out there have been graced with an equally slight figure, I have landed the top prize in the Mediterranean physique lottery and earned myself a few curves here and there which I sometimes feel I can do without thank you very much.

As much as the first sentences may have sounded self-deprecating, ever since I was a teen (that’s quite a few years back now) I have been on a constant exploration of what styles and fashions work best for my height or lack thereof. By all means, the amount of faux pas over the last 30 odd years have been plenty. But perhaps, now that I’m approaching the grand old age of 40 I have finally discovered what works for me.

Overly styled garments tend to overpower my diminutive shape or make it look stockier because of flounces, ruffles or other accoutrements that don’t have much where to spread along on my shape. Conversely, simpler shapes in solid colours help create a more linear look. Chopping up one’s petite proportions in contrasting colours doesn’t do one many favours – I found it's better to stick to shades of the same colour or wear different colours in suit-like separates so as to draw the eye lengthwise and upwards … it still won’t find a long way to go but the illusion of height is created nonetheless. Heels of course help, but if like me, you’ve had more than enough of them and wear them more sporadically, opt for trousers or hosiery and shoes of the same colour, again to create the illusion of legs for days.

I can’t say that I’ve homed in on my style perfectly, or that I will never buy another ruffled / embellished / patterned item in my life (I’m wearing a ruffled skirt in a contrasting colour to my top as I write this!) But keeping these tips in mind will, I suppose, help me curate a wardrobe worthy of the older, chicer blogeuse I aspire to be!

What I’m wearing:

Zara bordeaux coat

Zara v-neck knitwear (similar)

Calzedonia thermal leather look leggings

Zara bordeaux boots

Saint Laurent Loulou bag

Astrid & Miyu ear cuffs and

Astrid & Miyu huggies and

Astrid & Miyu studs

Astrid & Miyu necklace (similar)

Cluse watch

Photography by: Alexia at Disinn

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