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Photo diary: Art, flowers and some shopping in London

Personally, I find that London takes my breath away every time I visit it - not in the same way Paris does, of course. The recurrent coupe de coeur is only something I've experienced in the French capital thus far. That being said, London keeps revealing secret streets and spots that I would have either not known of before or stumbled upon again after a long absence, only to fall in awe all over again.

Just like I did for my last trip to Paris, rather than getting into much convoluted detail about each photo in this post, I'm just going to let you soak in the atmosphere and essence of my last trip - or at least I hope I manage to do so! For more insight, I'm also linking my London vlog at the end ... there's all the information about the exhibitions I visited and more in that post after all!

My only regret as I put this post together, is that this trip did not come a couple of weeks later when the RHS Chelsea Flower Show was in full swing. But then again, that means I've already got a visit planned for next year!

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