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Photo diary: Feast of St Paul's Shipwreck - Valletta, Malta

The 10th of February is a rather important day in Malta - it is reckoned as the day St Paul shipwrecked on our island some 2000 years ago and converted the entire population to Roman Catholicism. For an island which holds its religion close to heart, this day is therefore a cause for celebration and there's no better way than doing so than in Valletta, the capital city.

The fact that I used to live there for a few years does not make me biased in the least, of course *ahem*.

Also, Malta is very famous for its village feasts which are usually held throughout summer (seriously, like there is not one summer weekend free from feasts) so the chance of having a fest in mid-winter is something the entire island looks forward to.

'qubbajt' (nougat) vendor

'pavaljuni' (festive valances)

lunch at Taproom

celebratory confetti throwing and marching bands

dessert at Sunday in Scotland

a feast for all ages

What I'm wearing:

Zara tweed blazer (similar) :

Zara white jeans :

Uniqlo cashmere top :

Gucci Ace sneakers :

Dior leather medium saddle bag:

Dior Tribales Astre Lunaire:

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