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Photo diary: Flemish Favourites

There's a couple of day trips that everyone visiting Brussels seems to include in their schedule - and with good reason too.

Just about an hour's train ride away from Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent are three cities in the Flemish part of Belgium which bring out the best in Belgium's Medieval past and yet feel modern and contemporary through their young population and dynamic tourist appeal. Antwerp is after all a fashion capital hosting a highly regarded Fashion Department at its Royal Academy of Fine Arts; while Bruges and Ghent are both university cities with the former being one of the seats of the College d'Europe. While I go to Antwerp quite regularly for shopping (!) and art exhibitions, I recently had the opportunity to visit the city as well as its Flemish neighbours from a more touristy perspective as I accompanied visiting relatives on group tours booked with Brussels City Tours. So just like every good travel and lifestyle blogger, I couldn't not share this little photo diary taken during these tours ... hope this gives you all them wanderlust feels!


I'm just keeping this short and visual but if you want tips on places to go, sights to see, etc etc when visiting Belgium, drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to share my favourites with you!

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