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Photo diary: Keukenhof 2019

If you're not into flowers or selfies, look away now. If you like either of them, read on but please be aware that there will be plenty - perhaps too many - photos of each. I have finally made it to Keukenhof - a massive garden / park in The Netherlands, famous for its floral displays, particularly using tulips, and views of picturesque fields with multicoloured rows upon rows of tulips, hyacinths and all other imaginable flowers. Keukenhof is only open for about eight weeks a year and I do suspect that I did go a bit early in its opening as not all buds were yet in full bloom. However, most of my upcoming weekends will be taken up with travel and other commitments so it was a case of it having to happen now or never (well, or maybe postponed to another year ...) So I did a bit of a carpe diem moment earlier in the week and booked myself a last minute day trip, and boy am I happy to have answered the call fo my hardly ever spontaneous self! So without any further ado, brace yourself for the onslaught of flowers and you can also watch a little vlog I shot there down below.

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