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Photo diary: Long weekend in Florence

Do you ever get that feeling, soon after returning from a holiday, that you just want to re-pack your suitcase and head off to someplace else? It's like, you feel happiest when you're not in your own place but just exploring streets and alleys of cities which you don't call home. I don't know if this is just a phase but I'm certainly very much experiencing that right now. To be fair, I can't really complain - a trip to Florence and a short break in Amsterdam just days behind me and a hop to the motherland Malta and a quick weekend in Paris coming up - I really need to allow myself the enjoyment of staying put. Brussels has so much to offer after all ... and I've so much sh*t I need to be dealing with here ... I really need to get on with it!

Anyhow, that was a rather long winded intro to say: I miss Florence and I wish I could be heading back right about now. I might not be missing the heat wave so much as I'm missing the light, the architecture, the art and the food (a masterpiece in every bite - even in the simplest of focaccie!). I cannot say that this was the smoothest of holidays but I'm certainly not wallowing on the negatives. I'll still mention them to give yo context: hotel changed 3 times, delayed flight, return itinerary changed thus shortening the trip by almost a full day, two venues I specifically went there to visit partly inaccessible due to renovations despite having paid full access ... Oh well. You know what? I still enjoyed every single minute of this trip. It's up to us whether to look at the glass as half empty or enjoy that crisp yet full-bodied Scalabrone rosato wine that's filling it half way up!

As I've taken a habit of doing now, I'm sharing with you a bunch of moments I captured on my trusty Canon Powershot G7X mark ii, hoping to share the essence of the city rather than go through a formulaic itinerary of where I went and what I did. There's also a (longish) vlog at the end of the post which you may enjoy. If you want more information or some tips about this city, drop me a line, why don't you!? All I can say is, after having been to Florence in 2014, for the second time round this city has even more firmly captured my heart. It's not an addio but certainly an


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