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Photo diary: Paris, October 2018

I've just realised that in two weeks' time - quite precisely as well - I'll be back in the city I can't seem to tire of. As you already know, I've just been to Paris a couple of weeks ago and vlogged my way around the city as you can watch here. During my last visit I visited a couple of exhibitions at Fondation Louis Vuitton and the Musee d'Orsay ... and bought my birthday present-to-myself after much drama and brain wrecking! My next visit will in fact be for my birthday (I guess that's another present-to-myself kind of thing) - I'm lucky enough to have holidays on 1st and 2nd November (All Saints and All Souls) so I definitely make the most of my day on the latter - and the rest of the weekend there! I've a few things planned for my next stay there which will actually be my longest so far but I won't tell you more ... you'll just need to check back in a few days' time. À bientôt Paris!

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