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Photo diary: Staycation in Belgium

It feels like I only post on this blog whenever I'd have gone away for a while, off to some foreign land even if it's just a train ride away. This post is only a little different.

Playing host last weekend served me to rediscover a bit of Brussels and Bruges all over again and tick something off my bucket list: attend Rock Werchter festival albeit if for just one night. With the sunshine blessing the Belgian skies - and temperatures oddly hitting the 30s in Celsius terms - it was the perfect opportunity to switch off, lay back and unwind a bit. It really was the perfect timing too as I'm currently trying not to get too overwhelmed in the midst of a relocation (I'm sticking to Brussels - just downsizing my living arrangements and shifting to a more lively and dynamic neighbourhood) ... perhaps more of that in the weeks to come?! The fact that this 'staycation' of sorts was basically just going round places I'm already familiar with (with the exception of Rock Werchter) proved to be even more relaxing in that there were no suitcases to lug around, planes or trains to run to etc etc ... perhaps I should allow myself a bit more of this. Belgium has much to offer so I really should make the most of it. (Then again, it takes just a wee bit more time on the train to get to Paris as it takes to get to Bruges so ....) Anyhow, I managed to do the full-on tourist experience with the hop-on hop-off site-seeing ride in Brussels, doubling that up in Bruges with a mini van AND a canal site-seeing tour and just enjoying so much nice - and sinful - food in general! I also managed to get to the Intimate Audrey exhibition which gives such a beautiful glimpse into Audrey Hebpburn's life ... visited also an exhibition space in Bruges showcasing Mummies as well as loads of Picasso lithographs and a good gathering of Warhol works. What else? We caught the Ommegang performers one night on the Grand Place and saw Muse among others at Rock Werchter ... And I have all the photos to prove it ... hope you enjoy them!

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