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Quick read: Fornasetti

I've decided to start including quick reads every now and again that will focus on my guilty pleasures. That way you can get to know my little quirks and passions a little bit better in 5 minutes or under! First off: Fornasetti.

I must admit that thus far I've only got two Fornasetti candles to my name but my obsession with this Italian luxury home decor brand has been long in the making. The candles I own are the Silenzio which was gifted to me and the Burlesque which I bought myself (I hear this has been discontinued so I can't link it I'm afraid). Both of them feature 19th Century opera singer Lina Cavalieri's face in enigmatic, mischievous and sexy black and white looks. The heavy use of Cavalieri's face and black and white together with architectural and cosmic designs is such a characteristic of Fornasetti a legacy which Barnaba Fornasetti has carried on from his father Piero, founder of the house. I love how the immediately recognisable designs lend themselves to so many pieces of home decor. To me, they are a perfect gift, something no one can not like, something that will elevate an interior decor to Instagram and Pinterest goals. Do I want to add to my collection? Oh yes and how ... isn't the Ortensia incense burner just exquisite? Or what about the Architettura scented candle? Have I got you hooked?

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