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Wardrobe Classics

I'm not sure if it's a question of age, or a case of finally to learning to better curate my wardrobe; but I'm gravitating ever more towards real classics. I'm trying (trying being the operative word here) to be more savvy when shopping. As far as I can, I am approaching new purchases with a list of criteria they need to fill before I commit to them:

  • can I wear this item over and over again?

  • can I wear it in more than one way?

  • will it make me feel good every time I wear it?

  • what is the expected return on the investment made?

Perhaps unwittingly, when I carry out such evaluations, clothing pieces which fulfil the brief, result in basic, timeless pieces which can be found at both ends of the retail spectrum. Even though a basic crew-neck knit can be bought from both Zara and Eric Bompard, sometimes it is worth investing a little bit more into the higher-end option in terms of quality, composition (e.g. more wool / cashmere in the blend over environmentally unfriendly polyester blends), and details. The latter is one of the things I look for most. As the daughter of a seamstress, looking for matching stripes at seams, properly hemmed clothes etc is somewhat of an innate instinct. Case in point: I have a Claudie Pierlot black knit from a couple of years back with a white lacy collar which can come off. This ensures that the contrasting colours can be washed separately, at the appropriate temperatures, and there's no risk of colour-run between them. On the other hand, a black dress with white lacy sleeves which I have from a high-street, fast-fashion store (which I shall leave unnamed but is one of my favourites nonetheless), once washed, turned into a black dress with grey sleeves because of colour-run ... oh well, I guess that's a lesson learnt.

And I guess there was no better place than the fashion capital par excellence, Paris, as a backdrop for the accompanying photos to this little thought piece. This is one of my go-to outfits for autumn walkabouts, a uniform of sorts: same colour knit and bottoms, camel coat and iconic luxury accessories to elevate the outfit. As my first outfit with my photographer Eva, I wanted to showcase some classics which I think every wardrobe should include: a nice warm knit and big camel coat, ballerina pumps and chain-strap bag ... and it doesn't matter whether they are high-street or luxury pieces - personally I think there's nothing quite like mixing high and low-end threads and accessories to create one's individual style.

Outfit details:

Zara turtleneck

Massimo Dutti coat (similar)

Zara Cropped trousers

Gucci mini Soho disco bag (similar)

Chanel ballerines

Chanel earrings (similar)

Chloe initial ring


Eva Ferriere // facebook: @EvaFerrierePhotography

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